Welcome to Second Chance Cats of West Michigan! We are a new nonprofit rescue based in West Michigan. Our goal is to give cats in need of a little more time, patience, care, and understanding, a second chance at living a full and healthy life. Whether it be medical attention, or the time and space to learn to trust again, we will not give up on these living souls. This is a group effort, a community effort.

The best piece of advice we can pass on after years in cat rescue is, ‘the capacity to help animals is not the capacity of your physical space, but the capacity of the community.’ No one can do it alone. We are stronger together. United we stand to be advocates for felines.

How We Operate?

We are a foster-based rescue, so all of our cats live in foster homes. Our adoption center will be open during certain hours for open adoption (to be determined), so you can come hang out with the cats and apply to adopt if you are interested. There will be a fee for entry. We will have events at the building, too. Depending on whether it’s an open adoption day or a event, prices for entry may vary.

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