This was set up for our initial start-up, but you can still donate on to help us with ongoing expenses like veterinary bills.

Want exclusive updates about the kitties? Help us out monthly on our Patreon.

Venmo us! This is an easy way to send some kitty cash to us. This is a convenient and easy donation method for us to use to help the cats ASAP! Or donate on the app with the user name: SCCATSWM

Our kitties are in need of many items. Please consider purchasing an item on our Cat Wishlist!

Setting up a monthly contribution through PayPal is the best option to help us cover ongoing and unforeseen expenses.

Don’t want to send money digitally? Mail a check directory to us! The kitties will love you for it. Send it to:

Second Chance Cats of West Michigan
1120 Knapp St. NE, Ste. B
Grand Rapids, MI, 49505

We are a nonprofit organization. That means we 100 percent rely on donations!

Charitable donations for our cats and kittens in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Every day, we work to provide the best care possible for our cats and kittens. We feed them a nutritious diet of wet food, dry food, cat treats, and more. Still, there are many things that we need to keep the shelter running. That’s why we’re asking you for your help – please donate what you can.

Why Donate?

Do you love cats? Do you live in Michigan? If so, then Second Chance Cats of West Michigan is the place for you! Our mission here at SCCWM is to find homes for stray or abandoned cats and kittens. We are also committed to educating our community about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets. At Second Chance Cats of West Michigan, we believe that every cat deserves a loving home.

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