Second Chance Cat Rescue is looking for new volunteers!

I bet you’ve all been wondering, what does volunteering at a cat rescue entail? Well, that’s a great question!

First things first, there are a couple of non-negotiable requirements to become a Second Chance Cat rescue volunteer:

1. Must. Love. Cats.

2. You’re good at rolling with the punches

3. You don’t mind the possibility of maybe getting a little dirty

4. Did I mention you must love cats?!

Now that we’ve gotten those requirements out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about what a volunteer shift might look like.

Depending on the “shift” you’re volunteering for and the day, the tasks might vary a bit. The tasks may include things like feeding cats, administering medication if needed, and general cleaning duties like scooping litter. Also sweeping, mopping, organizing, and last but not least (aka most important, in my opinion), socializing and snuggling cats!

The cats at our shelter come from different backgrounds; some are furry little socialites who demand attention as soon as they walk through our doors, while others are more cautious and take some time to open up. It just takes them a bit of time to come out of their shells.

Our goal here is to build trust with all of our feline friends, especially those who need some extra time and patience. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we love our social butterflies any less and you can be sure that each cat gets as much affection as it will tolerate!

We want to help our cats find their furrever families where they can be spoiled and loved for the rest of their lives.

So, there you have it. A glimpse into the life of a cat rescue volunteer. While it may not always be glamorous, it’s definitely rewarding!

Did I mention we have CAT SWAG?

If you’d like to become one of us, err, a volunteer at Second Chance Cats, click the button below!

Or if you have any questions please email volunteer@sccatswm.org

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