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Here at Second Chance Cats, our mission is to help cats at municipal shelters who are at risk for euthanasia, or cats who have special/medical needs that shelters have a hard time managing. Because we are primarily working with area shelters and rescues, we, unfortunately, are not able to take stray cats off the streets or cats that need to be re-homed. We are a small, volunteer-based facility, and we simply don’t have the space to quarantine new arrivals at our adoption center. We ask that people please do not bring outside cats into our adoption center – this facility is for cats who are ready to be adopted into their forever homes. We wish that we were able to help every cat in need, but it simply is not possible and we are doing our best to stick to our mission of giving second chances to at-risk cats. If you have found a stray or have a cat that needs to be re-homed, please contact Kent County Animal Shelter or Humane Society of West Michigan – both wonderful resources in our community that can help with these kinds of needs.

Cat Rescue Grand Rapids

Welcome to Second Chance Cats of West Michigan! We are a new nonprofit cat rescue based in Grand Rapids. Our goal is to give cats in need of a little more time, patience, care, and understanding, a second chance at living a full and healthy life. Whether this is medical attention or the time and space to learn to trust again. We will not give up on these living souls. We have an all-volunteer staff, and we work closely within the community to reach all cats at risk. We are advocates for felines. Help us give these kitties a second chance for a happy and meaningful life!

Why a Second Chance Cat Rescue Grand Rapids?

In working at other rescues in Grand Rapids, the founders of Second Chance Cats saw a need to help those less fortunate kitties. The goal of Second Chance Cats is to rescue, rehabilitate and place those cats who most need help. We work within the community to make sure these cats find their fur-ever homes.

Second Chance Cats for Adoption

Our kitties are always looking for their fur-ever homes, so please make sure to fill out the Adoption Application to make sure we can get your new furry friend all ready for their new home!


Fostering a Cat

Could fostering a Second Chance Cat enrich your life? We think so. Check out our fostering information page below.

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