Check out Second Chance Cats in the moving Cats and Dogs Magazine Article for Fall 2021

We want to give each [cat] a second chance at a good home

Laura Moody in Cats and Dogs Magazine.

Recently Second Chance Cats was featured in Cats & Dogs Magazine! Laura was interviewed by Janet Vormittag.

Second Chance Cats on the cover of Cats and Dogs Magazine. PS: Mouse has found his forever home!

Gracing the cover is Laura and the Second Chance Cats mascot, Hudson. Mouse also has the lower left spot on the cover.

Good news! Before this article was published, Mouse found his forever home!

Some of the highlights in this article include lots of great quotes about how Laura had the passion and drive to start a shelter.

Having a rescue is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are a lot of though things, but its’ my passion. It’s worth it.

Laura in the Cats & Dogs Article
New rescue gives cats a second chance. Article from Cats and Dogs Magazine Fall 2021
Full article from Cats and Dogs Magazine.

Find your copy at your local grocery store. The magazine is free!

Leave a comment below if you love Second Chance Cats!

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