Get Ready for Cat Events in Grand Rapids

Second Chance Cats is expanding. Our adoption center is taking over the space next to the adoption center!

We are gearing up to bring you cat events such as cat yoga and a cat library. Not to mention other events as we get going!

When Second Change opened in 2021, we had a vision of building a community of people who wanted to help out cats.

With this latest expansion, we hope to bring the cat community together more for fun and helpful events. Our community came together in so many ways to make this possible and we cannot wait to see how many more kitties we can help!

Make sure to help out where you can!

Recently WZZM13 on your side featured us in a segment about this news. Check it out! Second Chance Cats to Open Events Center

Make sure to follow our Facebook or our Instagram to stay up to date on all of the events we will be holding!

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