Service Express: Laura Moody Achieves Her People-Powered Vision Goal of Starting a Cat Rescue

Our Director Laura Moody spotlighted as achieving her #PeoplePowered vision goal at Service Express.

Laura Moody, the Director of Second Chance Cats of West Michigan, has been making huge strides in rescuing cats and providing them with a second chance at life. And Laura was recently spotlighted on Service Express’ social media for her great accomplishments in helping these cats.

She has successfully achieved her #PeoplePowered Vision goal of aiding homeless cats and reducing euthanasia rates in West Michigan. Her efforts have saved countless lives (over 300!), as she and the other volunteers have provided medical care, foster homes, adoption services to help cats find their forever homes.

Laura’s dedication to improving the lives of these furry felines is an example to all those who seek to make a difference in the world around them.

Through her tireless work and determination, she has helped create a safe environment where homeless cats can be cared for and adoptable pets can find loving families that will provide them with the best possible life!

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Thank you for spotlighting Laura and the achievements of Second Chance Cats Service Express!

Want to help out Laura’s Cat Adoption Center?

Second Chance Cats of West Michigan is an entirely community-run organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of cats in need.

We rely solely on donations from members of the public to continue our life-saving work. By donating, you can directly contribute to improving the lives of cats who are suffering from abuse and neglect. Your donation can go towards providing medical care, food, litter boxes, toys, and other necessary items for cats in need.

It can also be used to cover costs associated with transporting animals and finding them safe, loving homes. Every little bit helps – even small donations of $5 or $10 can have a profound impact on the lives of rescued cats!

And if you’re unable to donate money, there are still ways you can help – consider volunteering your time at our facility or attending fundraising events in your community.

Together we can make a difference for cats in need and give them a second chance at happiness!

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