How to Foster a Cat in Grand Rapids

If you’re looking for a way to help the kitties at Second Chance Cats of West Michigan, fostering is a great opportunity. You provide temporary care for needy pets and give them time to get healthy and adoptable. Fostering also gives you an opportunity to meet different types of cats, dogs, and other animals before deciding what type of pet might be right for you. For more information on how to become a foster parent, visit. or email

Decide the level of care you can give.

Foster care is a wonderful way to help cats in need. However, it’s not a forever home for your cat. It can be temporary or last for months depending on the situation and your foster partner agency’s needs.

The shelter staff will work with you to determine what level of care your foster cat will need during their stay with you—this may include anything from food and litter box maintenance to medical procedures like vaccines or spay/neuter surgery.

Choose an organization to work with.

There are many organizations that need help in Grand Rapids. You can choose an organization close to you, or one with a good reputation. The process is different for every organization, but they all require some sort of background check and references before accepting your application. Some may even want to do a home inspection if they feel it’s necessary.

You’ll love our cat rescue organization!

Foster homes give kittens more opportunities to thrive because they can receive round-the-clock care in a loving environment. Kittens learn how to interact with people, how to play, and how to use litter boxes while living in foster homes. This helps them get adopted more quickly!

Foster homes give kittens more opportunities to thrive.

If you’re interested in fostering a kitten or cat, please contact us. We have kittens and cats available for adoption, as well as adult cats who will make wonderful companions for your family.

Kittens need opportunities to thrive and prosper. They can’t do this in a shelter! Foster homes give kittens more opportunities to be socialized with people, other animals, and even children! Foster homes allow kittens the chance to be adopted; they also allow kittens the opportunity to rehabilitate from illnesses and injuries that they may have sustained before coming into a rescue organization’s care.

Because many of our foster families provide care while we treat their charges’ medical issues (like ringworm), it’s important that these people are experienced caregivers who know how to interact with cats in order to prevent stressors that could compromise treatment results or even cause further health problems later on down the road—particularly if the foster parent has young children living underfoot at home during this period too.

Why Foster with us?

Fostering is a great way to help out not only homeless cats and kittens but also the community.

You can get involved by contacting us!

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